Day 15 - Haputale to Hatton (by train) & a local bus to Nallatanniya (Dalhousie)

After breakfast I left my guest house early to catch the train to Hatton. The guest house owner had told me the train would leave at 7:55am, I was sure it was more like 7:45am (as this was the time I arrived in Haputale yesterday on the same train!). I was right, & I only had a few minutes to spare when I arrived at the station!

 Walking towards Haputale train station

The train (70 LKR) was jam-packed, I sat perched on the edge of one of the restaurant tables for the whole journey! (3 hours). I arrived in Hatton just after 11am & was greeted by the ever present tuk tuk drivers offering the usual lift and hotel! I avoided them by crossing the bridge to withdraw some money from a ATM & then returned to the train station as I knew this is where the buses leave for Nallatanniya. There was one waiting, so I jumped on board & paid 50 LKR (the fare was actually 55 LKR but I had no other change!) By the time we left it was jam-packed, although I was glad I had a seat, however unfortunately throughout the whole journey I just had elbows & bags shoved in my face!

After arriving in Nallantanniya, I walked the full length of the main street passing all the sweet stalls & made my way to the 'Green House' (listed in my guide book). Whilst walking through the village I did enquire about a room at various other establishments & was quite shocked at some of the flea ridden places on offer, & what money the locals were asking! The 'Green House' was great (600 LKR), & had wonderful character. Shortly after I arrived I asked for some food, & was given a very nice curry & rice dish.

  The Green House

The Green House - My room, & yes everything is green!

  Locals & holiday makers washing in the river - Nallatanniya ('Prison like' hotel on left!)

Locals & holiday makers washing in the river - Nallatanniya

 Adam's Peak in the distance - Nallatanniya

Plenty of sweet stalls in Nallatanniya

Plenty of sweet stalls in Nallatanniya

I later walked through the village again, & bought some provisions for the climb tomorrow morning. By 6pm it was absolutely pouring with rain, & back at my home stay the noise it made in my room against the corrugated roof was deafening! (My guide book said the rain normally clears by midnight, I really hope so!) I tried to get some sleep before my alarm was due to go off at 2:30am!

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